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Default Few questions about the Canon Rebel T3

So, I got this camera as an early Christmas gift and I love it.
However, being an amateur with it, I'm not understanding a few things.

For one, my main subjects to photograph are my dogs.

Here are two of them playing and the seem to be completely out of focus. I was using the "Sports" with the stabilizer on and turned to AF on the lens...
How can I get crisp photos of fast moving dogs?

Also, I've seen amazing videos on youtube that shows subjects going in and out of focus while recording.. I cannot figure out how to use my video like that! Like this:


I hope one day to learn all the aspects of this camera. I'm in love already but their are so many buttons and options!
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lol you sound like me, I got a canon t1i for xmas early also..... i was so lost first week or so. still a bit lost lol. I'd try it set in close up mode if your going to be that close...... than again another newbie speaking here

I have been setting iso speeds on my own in the setting where you can. you should play with that and see what iso speeds give you different shots

good luck!!!
Canon Rebel t1i 18-55mm & 55-250mm lense
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Hi- you could try using the "tracking auto-focus mode"- selectable via the right button on the rear four way controller- maybe set the autofocus point to centre as opposed to auto- thus using the focus point like a target shooter..!
One thing to bear in mind also is the live view mode(using the screen for shooting)- which auto-focuses FAR slower than using the viewfinder.
Despite all of the above,though,you'll never have a 100% hit rate with excitable dogs at that range... as they move around so quickly...! Keep trying though..
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hi canon has three modes one shot A1 focus and A1 servo. one shot for still subjects A1 servo for moving and A1 focus for something that could move. I would use a centre AF spot to focus and A1 servo
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