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I have a GE camera that the sd card was acting up on, I dumped the images from the camera into a folder on my desktop, all the jpgs are 2-3MB size (normal good full size looking file sizes) yet when I try to view the images they are showing at 160x120 (very tiny).

I tried using photoshop and expanding them as well to like 500x300 etc but its just a mess looking (pixeled up) the card had been pulled from the GE and put into a FUJI camera and then back in the GE at a baby shower by my wife.

The software didn't want to recognize the card due to that fact so I had to just put it in a card reader via usb and extracted the jpgs manually, have done that before but the pics were always full sized, all the ge and fuji pics are the same all about 3MB but all only show up as 160x120.

I am sure hoping there is a way to save these, the size they are now is so darn tiny and even with photoshop i can't get them large enough to view really. The weird part is the file size is here, looks normal, each is 3mb yet again the images only appear thru windows picture viewer and photoshop at 160x120.

Thanks for any help on this,


Here is one of the images that is 2.3MB total file size, i upped it to imageshack and here is the link to the direct image (not resized)


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This isn't advice but rather a suggestion of what's happening. The 160x120 is the thumbnail thats stored with the EXIF data. Why that's all you can see, I can't guess.
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Could you post one pic of each (Fuji and GE) directly to this site (without linking to imageshack)?

Are the pictures still on the SD card?

What software didn't recognize the card?

the Hun
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dunno whats going on but the image u posted is 15.6kb not 2.3 meg

it pointless trying to do anything with it as its far too small.......you need to figure out why your getting such a small image that should be 2.3 meg

cant tell you know more as there is no exif data with the image

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If you still have the SD card, then just take it to the local photographic shop and put it into their photo kiosk and see if the photos look fine. Or find somebody with a SD card reader connected to their computer and see if your files are on the SD card. It's possible that your files are just fine. It's just that it's probably better to put the SD card into a card reader.
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