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Default File Storage, CD Burners?

How do you prefer to store your image files? Do any of you burn the files to CD, and if so , can you recommend an external CD burner that is affordable?
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I use CD-Rs to store my images.

Happens to be I use a TDK external USB2.0 48x12x48 drive which I would soo love to sell but no one seems to want to buy it hehe.
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Can someone tell me how I happened to have lost all the photos I had saved on a CD?
I have a Sony P10 and this occured when I was transferring my photos to the Image Station transfer program. I am no longer able to access the previous saved photos on this particular CD. "Access is denied". Are you supposed to use a new CD everytime you download images f rom your camera?
I hope I explained this correctly.
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When you 'burn' a CD with your images, there are two modes. The first is to transfer all the images saved over several shoots and fill the CD as much as possible - this is refered to as continuous 'Disc at Once'. When the CD has been made/burned it is finalised or closed AND NO OTHER DATA CAN BE ADDED. This is the recommended safe way to store your files.

There is a second mode called 'multi session' where the cdwriter burns sufficient tracks to hold the data, closes that session and allows you to take the same disc and store some more pics. Although convenient, this is BAD news, because not all CDROM players can replay this format.

On top of this there are two more types of burning mode. The type NOT to use is 'packet mode' This allows the CD to be treated like a hard drive, adding files as you go. In my experience, this is a nightmare format and full of incompatibilities between software that reads the discs and players.

So, because CD's are so cheap, wait till you have a few hundred Mbyte on your HD and choose the option 'continuous disc at once'. This will produce a single session CD which stands a better chance of working in more players and cannot be destroyed by writing to it again, because your CD writer won't let you. If you can put your CD in and appear to put more files on it, then you are not in this mode. VOX
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