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Default finding a cheap digital rebel

Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum and to photography. My big hobby is astronomy and i want to get into astrophotography. I KNOW the camera i want for the job is the 300d. The thing is great for astronomy purposes. Now, the price, its possible to afford it and all, even if its expensive, but im a high school senior and i need to have as much money as possible to go into college. I've looked for the cheapest ones and done a lot of research on the cheaper sellers. I've found about 5 or so that sell for $550-650 and every company is the same one with just a different name. They badger people into buying more accessories, charge a lot for S&H, and are scammers basically. That leaves the expensive sellers.

Im buying a 256mb mem card, 2 cheap things required to attach the camera to the telescope (t ring) and an illuminated reticle for guinding the telescope while taking long exposures. Now if i can find it for $800 or less at a good dealer, i can stay under my desired budget of $1000. The problem is, i cant really find it under $800 with the lens kit included. I know the lens isnt the best but with my budget i need to go with it.

Any help is appreciated!
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Be weary of any retailer underselling the competition with the 300D. I have heard that Canon is very finicky about their price-points and if they are aware of any retailers underselling they will either stop subsidizing advertising for the retailer or will stop supplying them.

If that is true that would lead me to believe that any retailer offering the 300D in the $550-$650 range is a total scam and anyone in the $800 range is not selling the kit but the camera body only.

The kit lens is actually a great deal at $100.00. I have seen numerous examples of pictures taken with the kit lens that look great and have even taken a few good ones myself.

I suggest you have a garage sale to make up the additional $200 from your budgeted $800. Good Luck.
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