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:?Hi I am new here and to digital cameras. Last summer my daughter gave me her FINEPIX 2600Zoom digital as she has another one. This is MY first and althougth I have read manual cover to cover; I am stumped I was away for few days and took pics that turned out great....I had them self-developed at Shoppers Drug. But I have noticed last couple of days that its not working. I can put new batteries in right from package, take one or two photos and that battery synbol comes on screen.

I don;t know how old this camera is but the lady at shoppers did say they don;t make too many cards for this model anymore My question quickly as I am going to work for 5am is this...........any idea what problem is and would it cost me a lot to get someone to look at it? I work but not exactly wealthy, if you know what I mean. Is it worth it or should I just check out a newer, cheaper style?

I really have to run now but any input would be appreciated.


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Your camera just celebrated a birthday, of sorts. On August 23, your camera turned 6 years old - at least that was the day that model was announced by Fuji. That makes it a dinosaur, as far as digital cameras go. Do yourself a favor, and forget about getting it fixed. You can buy a much better camera for less than the price of repair.

Let us know how much you would be willing to spend on a new camera, and maybe we can help you find one. If you'd like to stay with Fuji, take a look at the F31 and the F40. They offer much better picture quality, video, a larger LCD, low light performance, etc. If they are too expensive, Fuji (and the other manufacturers) offer a good variety of entry level cameras that are less expensive...all depends on what you want to use the camera for.

the Hun

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Well thanks for that reply. I rather figured that well may be the answer as when I had pics developed the tech did say the cards weren;t made anymore

I live in Canada and I have emailed FUGI to see who in my area do repairs and what it would cost. I haven't heard back but I think I already have my answer.

As I am new to Digitals I have no idea what I would be looking for as the camera is simply for fun and when I feel like snapping a photo. It would have to be a cheap one as finances don't allow for much . I think perhaps I will just look around for awhile.I work at Zellers( competitor of Walmart) so I can check there and other places . BEST BUY will be opening here sometime in fall...perhaps I will continue to look and compare eh?

Thanks again for answering........
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