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Default Firmware corruption ?

Are these symptoms recognizable to anyone else ? A few days ago my Olympus Stylus 300 stopped working. While erasing the pictures off the XD card I noticed the 'erasing' message took a lot longer than usual but thought nothing of it. Later that day the camera refused to operate on opening the cover and all I get is the green and orange LED's flashing with a few 'beeps'.........the manual suggests it's a low battery warning but I've changed the card and battery but still get the same flashing LED's and 'beeps'. Needless to say, the warranty expired 3 weeks ago and I'm now in possession of a somewhat expensive but highly decorative paperweight. Has anyone experienced similar problems and are they curable ? (I've read reviews of Olympus charging over $200 to 're-flash' camera firmware) - a new camera (this time with an extended warranty) looks a better bet right now. Has anyone else experienced firmware corruption and what are the symptoms to watch for ?
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I think you should call Olympus and explain the situation. Sometimes manufacturers are willing to fix a problem in good-faith warranty if it is only a few weeks out of warranty. Don't be rude but sound disappointed with the brand saying things like "I thought Olympus was supposed to be reliable - that's part of the reason I bought this camera" - "can I expect this type of problem if I buy Olympus again" and kindly explain the warranty period JUST expired and they may be able to fix it under the warranty anyway. If you don't get help from the person who answers the phone - ask to speak with a manager.
I have gotten a couple of products fixed this way including getting a $600 repair job on a car that was 2 months past warranty. It doesn't cost anything to ask.
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