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I am looking inot buying my first digital camera and am having difficulty deciding between the Cannon PowerShot A80, S50( I know it is the older model of the S60, but have read complaints about the corners being blurred) S60 and Nikon's Coolpix 5200 ( I have also read complaints about the flesh tones in the pictures. I am looking for a camera that is easy to use but that also gives me some manual options. My other camera is a canon EOS Elan.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Well, for your first digi-cam, you need to consider your budget. I just ordered an A80 from amazon.com for about $300 USD and I know that http://www.bestbuy.com has it for $300 USD with free shipping. Don't buy from the store, because then you get hit with taxes, which usually aren't online. It has tons of manual options. I think the S50 is around that price, too, but the S60 is more. If you need a lot of zoom, Canon makes the S1 IS, which has 10x optical zoom and optical Image Stabilization. Kodak's DX6490 also has 10x zoom, but no IS. The Nikon 5200 is $500 USD, but has the 5MP advantage. However, 4MP vs. 5MP is not very signifigant, espescially since the Canon cameras listed above and the Nikon have the same physical size CCDs, which means that the Nikon's is higher density, meaning more image noise. I would reccommend the A80 because it's cheap, it's good, and I hear that Canon has good customer service. Also, you can add lenses for more zoom or better macro function.
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I don't know if this would help, but what I do first before choosing a camera is go to Steve's camera reviews and download a full size picture ( the brick school building ) from his sample pics on the various cameras I am considering and do an a/b/c etc comparison. Then I go to www.pbase.com and view all the different photos by camera in their sites. So far I found the Canon A80 to be the best in its class, the color tone is the most accurate and it has the least noise, (at least in my opinion) of them all. And buy online, I bought my A80 from buydig.com a week ago and it cost me $ us 272 plus shipping. I think the price has gone down to $ 260 shipped. ( I don't know why, but this used to be a $ 380-420 camera just a few mos. ago.) So far I am really satisfied with my A80, as compared with my previous 1 year old Toshiba PDR 3300. ( Of which I made the mistake of not viewing the full sized pictures, just thumbnails from Steve's camera reviews page.) Also try other camera review sites: www.dcresource.com, www.dpreview.com, www.imaging-resource.com, http://albert.achtung.com/cameras/A80/index.html (Canon A80 specific)

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