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how can i keep the flash out of the dogs eyes. he looks straight at the camera
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One technique I know is to take a picture when the pet is not looking directly into the camera.Also, If your camera has it, use the pre-flash.
This picture was taken with flash ...
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or, you can bounce flash, like off of the celling, or a wall, by pointing the flash at the wall or celing
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Judging from your previous posts, you're using an inexpensive digital camera from Radio Shack.

If you are unable to prevent the problem, you may want to use software to try and correct it. Here is a tutorial on using Paint Shop Pro for this purpose (but it will require some patience and experimentation to get the eyes looking natural):


You can download a beta version of Paint Shop Pro 9 to give a try. The beta will work for 90 days:


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i do have a better kodak. but when i install the softwear,

it freezes the computer. i thought at first it may be the

radio shack softwear. i removed it and did not help. so i

can use the kodak with the printer dock 6000. and not on the

computer. will have to use theRS for e-mail. kodak was _no_

help what-so-ever. TKS

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What works for me is to have someone else distract the pet like with a treat or toy. Works well with my dogs. This also works (sometimes) - set everything up -get the background as you want it. Bring the dog over and put him in sit or down position. Then play with him or pat him until he's comfortable. Then tell him to stay and take the picture. If you let him look away and then call his name you usually get a very alert look to the face.

If you like everything except the eyes then use software to correct them. I use FxFoto which is a free program I found on Tucows. Their red -eye is very good espeically if you zoom in on the eye to correct. Also they have a nice tool which allows you to lighten as big or as small an area as you want - very useful on my black dogs where the face tends to come out like a black blob. I just lighten a bit and viola you can actually see the nose and eyes!
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