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Default Is the Fuji Finepix 2800 a good choice for 1st timer

Hi all

Am new to this Forum so would like to say good to be here and look forward to learning lots and getting lots of info.

To set the scene I do not currently own a digital camera (though am getting nearer getting one and may indeed buy one this weekend)

I currently use a 35mm multi mode SLR - Canon EOS 1000 fn and have used several SLR's and the odd compact 35mm in the past.

The Camera I am most drawn to at the moment s the Fuji finepix 2800.

The biggest draws are the Zoom range - little else seems to come close to this range without paying a lot more, the price - It is now available for GBP 200.00, and the many favourable reviews I have read regarding the image quality.

I would prefer more manual control (hey how much does one have to pay before you get manual exposure ability) using as I currently do an SLR that allows Auto modes, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Full manual - to go from this to full auto only is a bit of a downside , but I guess at this price range that is all I can expect . ( I was also considering the Nikon coolpix 2000 , but Fuji's zoom range knocked that idea on the head).

I am just looking for opinions on whether this model would indeed be a good choice and lots of feedback on how good/bad this camera is and what it's main selling points in actual users views are along with any shortcomings users may feel it has.

Thanks in advance

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As you are a film photographer, you will appreciate how important it is to have fast enough film and big f stop to work in situations other than bright sunlight. Generally that's a lot of other situations. Even your flash power (flashes per battery) is affected by sensitivity. You want zoom. Don't forget you need more sensitivity or bigger f stop as you push up the zoom, your shutter will be longer, likelyhood of more shake and tripod a necessity. Is this what you want to carry about?

Digicams all suffer auto focus and white balance probs to a varying degree in low light, Lower sensitivity cams seem the worst - which makes sense.
The Fuji 2800 is a fixed 100ASA camera and not the most recent in improved sensor technology. This is probably its biggest limitation. Better cams now will be 200-400 ASA and over.

If you live in California where sun is bright and always shines, and you only intend to take outdoors or head and shoulders indoor flash, this 2Mpix cam could work for you, or at least get your feet wet in digital photography. As you are in UK like me, there are a lot of dull days! If you wish to follow more creative aspirations, then look at more sensitive cams - minimum 200ASA, with higher Mpix and manual features.

All the manufacturers will offer better and there is plenty of choice BUT there is no single best model.
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