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Default FZ200, noise, and RAW


First post so please ignore any mistakes. I own a FZ200. I love the camera but I'm after a bit of advice regarding low light / noise and RAW. I shot some pictures at the NFL game at Wembley last week and having the massive range with a big aperture at the telephoto really helped. I managed to get a few good shots. The problem is they are quite noisy. I shall post an example. I know there is a limit shooting fast, at high ISO in low light, but If I shot RAW would I be able to clean them up more? Any tips? These were taken about 70 - 100 meters from the action.
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It's impossible to identify noise in reduced resolution images. Could you post some 100% crops from the noisiest portions of your images?
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Generally, one can use a Raw developer to produce a final product with minimal noise and better detail than the in-camera jpeg processing. It takes a bit of experimenting with settings, though.
I have found that Topaz labs' Denoise works as well as anything to clean up noise and recover detail in high ISO jpegs. They generally have their plug ins available with a 30 day free trial, so it costs nothing to give it a whirl.

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Despite the FZ200's large aperture/zoom- the 1/2.3" sensor is still going to restrict IQ at the extremes- i.e fast shooting at range/lower light/higher iso's etc...
Shooting RAW does give some degree of manipulation with regards sharpness and noise reduction, never mind colour balance etc...
My experiences of my FZ-150 (similar sensor) shooting RAW is that I can get cleaner results by manipulating the sharpness/noise reduction settings- but after iso 400,I'm fighting a losing battle and results would be pretty much for small image sizes only.
The defaults in the SilkyPix Raw editor supplied offers cleaner results as is- with a MUCH superior colour balance.
Quite often,noise can be exaggerated by an "over enthusiastic" default sharpening in jpeg- and I find the Panny's can be guilty of this- and an area for experimentation in Raw also...
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