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People hosting pics have got more careful - often banning registration from posters with webmail ID's (which can be anonymous) - due to risk of posting naughty pics!

However, if there were a few 'trusted' members who could relay pics to an area of this site it would help many of us who want to link pics for discussion of problems to our posting. Very often they are only needed for a few days until the thread dies.
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I've always been curious about how a B&W photo-taking mode would be different than an in-camera operation that turns a color photo to B&W or sepia. Any ideas?
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Old Jul 20, 2003, 10:20 AM   #13
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coming in might late on this but someone might find this info useful -

a color image, in a decent image-editing program, can be separated into three monochrome images containing the red, green, and blue image information

these individual channels can be separately tweaked in a variety of ways (brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.)

then, the RGB channels can be recombined,

the recombined image can now be converted to a gray scale

generally, this B/W image can now, depending how the individual channels are tweaked, have rich B/W qualities far beyond simple gray-scale conversions.
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Old Jul 20, 2003, 5:59 PM   #14
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Despite the fact that my A70 takes B&W Pics - and I have done so - I would probably agree with the people on here who advocate changing an image to B&W after the event using an editor.

I have this weekend bought a digicam magazine and they have an article on this theme and they suggest it is better to do it this way.

It has the added benefit of deciding which version you prefer colour or B&W.

Just my 2 pence worth

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Steve-o and stefank have it right. All but specialized (expensive) digicams are color. Each detector is covered by a filter to allow only Red or Green or Blue to pass. So there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to run the camera in B/W mode - that leaves the conversion from RGB to B/W to the very small processor in the camera. A *MUCH* better job can be done after the fact in your digital darkroom.

And you can "simulate" all filters except polarizing and ND in the digital darkroom. Never having to wish you had used a stronger red filter - just make it stronger right now. After you shoot the image.

Having said all that, B/W is one place where film is better than digital - a much wider dynamic range. That can be simulated to some extent and in some situations by stacking images, but it is a lot of work and doesn't lend itself to shooting hockey games.
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