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Velvetfoot, I understand about hard drive crashes- I lost about 8 months of photos due to a new hard drive that bit the dust. (best pictures I have ever taken - just like the fish that got away was the biggest) I now backup to 1.-external hard drive 2.-DVD 3.-internal secondary hard drive. 4.-laptop (The DVDs are kept at a neighbor's) Probably, any two of the methods would be safe enough.
I made my own lens cap keeper for my Minolta D7, because it is easy to drop when removing it, but my for my slr, I don't bother - always room in a pocket.
Software is something you are going to spend time learning, no matter what you get. Some people will pick up on one very easily, and be totally confused by another. My advice would be to use the free trials available for PS Elements, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoimpact, then decide which you get along with best. They each have organizing software with the package, but you don't have to use them.

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just to quickly continue hijacking this thread, i too lost valuable pictures recently. I had taken a month trip to Hawaii and I ended up loosing thousands of pictures from there, and only was able to recover about 60 of them. I think we all have stories about loosing photos.. its just a part of life i guess, lol.
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