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gedma Feb 6, 2004 2:39 PM

Help in buying canon
Hello everybody, I'm new of this forum but i silently read a lot of steve's reviews that i consider really great. I was using since some years a Canon F1, an old but great machine without electronics at all :) One of my friend became canon reseller and i'm going to be his first customer and take this opportunity on the fly :) I'm going to ask you an hints about which one buy. I was thinking about Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) or Canon 10D. Of 10D i appreciate the material of the outside case that seems to be more strong than the plastic of EOS300D, expecially because it can work with colder temperature than 300D. I'm going to ask you which are the really differences between these cameras... considering that 10D is older than EOS300D should this means a better quality in the image or faster shots in favour of EOS300D? About the price i can take the 10D for 150$ more than the 300D.
I'll appreciate so much each kind of help/hints. I'd like to go tomorrow and buy it, i'm so euforic... my first digital ;)

DavesPPC Feb 6, 2004 6:51 PM

For only $150 difference, there's only one answer....the 10D

They will take essentially the same images, as they have the same sensor.
Quality goes to the 10D, and price goes to the 300D.

Get the 10D !!!

(Can you get me one for that price also?)


eric s Feb 6, 2004 11:03 PM

Well, I own a 10D and the DRebel wasn't out when I got it. If it had been it would have been a difficult choice... but I hope I would have gone with the 10D. Since getting the 10D, I've learned that some of the things the DRebel doesn't have I would have missed.

You don't mention what type of photography you do, so its hard to say if the differences/features in the 10D would worth it. The 10D can take more pictures in a row before locking you out and writing them to the card. The 10D can take more pictures per second. The 10D gives you complete control over the metering mode. The user interface (having two dials) is a good thing... for others, it doesn't bother them.

To me, those things matter. But not to everyone.

So can you ask your friend to get me a deal on the 1D-II. I'd be willing to pay.... $3,000 or so for it. Sounds fair to me. :D


PKchopper Feb 6, 2004 11:31 PM

I recently purchased the 300D and I can say the plastic body is not the factor I was led to believe it would be by a local camera shop. However, I cannot speak for the hardiness due to the cold but at the same time cannot come up with a reason the plastic would be inferior due to cold. I would actually think the metal would conduct the cold more.

As far as price, if I was looking at only a $150 difference, I would be the proud owner of a 10D and not a 300D.

Good luck with whichever you decide.

gedma Feb 7, 2004 2:30 AM

Thank you guys, I appreciated so much your really fast answers! I think that my choice will go on 10D as you suggested.
I'd be glad to introduce the ones of you that are interested in canon to my friend, but I'm from Italy and, as you know, Canon guarantee is related to the country in which you buy it, that's why for us it's almost like impossible to buy photocamera from USA internet sites (some of them really cheep), because once here Canon Italy won't recognize them :cry:

Thank you again!

Marc H Feb 7, 2004 3:29 AM

I had the choice between the 300D and the 10D, and bought in the end the 10D.

I was lucky to find a local store with both on show, so i could test both camera's with several big lenses. The shopowner let me play with both cameras for about 45 minutes. I liked the feel of the 10D better when using a heavy 300mm lens. That was for me the deciding factor. And the idea that i was not limiting myself.

The price of the camera was not a factor, i had a budget of about 4000 euro, so whatever i would buy, i always could pay for the lenses that i wanted (see below). At the end i spended a little over 4.500 euro in 3 weeks.

Now, after 2 months using the camera, i know that i've made the right choice.

steve Feb 7, 2004 10:48 AM

This page of my Digital Rebel review shows the differences between the igital Rebel and 10D, side by side.


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