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Can anyone help me with this? I only use the automatic setting when I take pictures, mainly because I have two young kids and don't want to "fiddle" with changing controls each time I take a picture. However.... when I take pictures of my son playing soccer... almost every shot is blurred, I am so frustrated! I have the same problem when he is riding his bike and I try to take pictures... I must have taken 150 photos, and had 15 good ones. If anyone could offer any suggestions I would really appreciate it! Thanks.
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Your shutter speeds aren't fast enough.

Shoot in Av (Aperture Priority) mode using the largest available aperture (represented by the smallest f/stop number).

That opens up the aperture iris to let more light in (just like the pupils in your eyes get wider in low light). So, the camera can use faster shutter speeds since more light "exposes" it's sensor faster.

If that doesn't help enough, increase your ISO speed. Each time you double the ISO speed, the camera can use shutter speeds twice as fast for the same aperture and lighting.

Increasing ISO speed will increase noise levels (similar to film grain, like you'd see more of using higher ISO speed film). So, don't increase it anymore than necessary to get shutter speeds fast enough to reduce the motion blur.

You can use tools like Neat Image or Noiseware to reduce it's appearance. Both have free versions avalable.

If you're using a filter, take it off. A polarizer can reduce light significantly.

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Simplest thing.. Yes.. just turn the dial to AV and shoot.. If you want to/ have more time to.. adjust from there.. But AV will be the easiest thing.
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Thanks for responding. I will try to shoot in the AV mode. I have alot to learn with this new camera. Thank you.
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does anyone knows why Olympus Stylus 710 is better to use? thanks! :cart:

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