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Hey all, just joined the forum looking for some specific help. I'm a college student with a 3.2MP Panasonic DMC-LC33 camera that i picked out 2 years ago thanks to this website. I'm trying now to fly the camera on a kite to take aerial photos. The trick is making the camera shoot continuously on a variable duty cycle (5 or 10 secs, or 30 mins...) I found a caveman-esq approach by hardwiring the shutter release to a 555 Timer chip. Here's the website: http://digitalcameras.engadget.com/e...821744/#c30697

This won't work for my camera for a couple reasons (atleast not as simple) and i'm not going to maim my only camera. Is anyone familiar enough with Kite Arial Photogrophy or is familiar with Time-Lapse functions on cameras? Any help would be much appreciated.

And thanks again to Steve. This website was my #1 resource when i was picking out a camera.
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Well -- some of the Pentax Models have this feature (like the Pentax Optio 555 and the newer 750z), but you're limited by the number of frames (99 total). Pentax calls it Interval shooting.

The Minolta A1 also has this ability (30 second minimum between shotsthough), with a maximum of 240 frames. Some of the newer models may have it too (I haven't kept up with the models that have this feature).

You may also want to look at some of the Nikon models using the MC-EU1 wired remote control. You'll have to look at the manual to see how the time lapse works (and whether it will meet your needs). Here's the link to the manual:

MC-EU1 Manual Link

Harbotronics also makes wired remotes for many Nikon models to add Time Lapse functionality. Here's the link to their site:


Of course, I'm sure you'll need to take size and weight into consideration for use on a kite (not to mention the possibility of impact damage). I don't know of an easy way to see if a camera model has this feature, other than to read through the reviews.

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