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Default HELP! Deleted important videos from my Aiptek Portable Media Player

I don't know if this is the right site to do this, but my wife and I haven't used this camera in a while and got it out to film our son's pre-Christmas before we travel home.

I was trying to fix a weird auto lighting setting that caused the screen to go dark and the blow out back and forth. I hit format and it erased everything. We had several precious early videos of his life.

I am just sick about it and my wife hates me understandably. Is there anything I can do?

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Take a look at the Memory cards forum. There is a sticky thread all about recovering lost or deleted photos and videos. It should apply even if your camera doesn't use removable memory cards.

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I had a site to go for your problems but this place wont let me show you the site url.

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Hardly a week goes by that I don't see spam for multiple companies promoting products to recover image files from media.

When you see **** replacing the actual link text, that's because I've added a filter that keeps anyone from posting links to a site.

Most of the time, I only take that action when I see repeat spam for the same site, so that the spammers they're using don't keep joining under different member names to promote the same products [again].

A side effect is that it also prevent satisfied customers from posting links to them. But, hopefully, that will help companies "get the message" that using so called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms that post spam in forums can be a bad idea.

In any event, the OP has already recovered the files. See this post:


Frankly, it never ceases to amaze me that people spend money for software for that type of thing, when there are free solutions around if you take the time to find them, as in some I mentioned in the sticky thread we have on the subject here that VTphotog referred the OP to:

Recovering Images or Video from Memory Cards

Of course, most of the software you find on the net that claims to be free for image file recovery is not really free. You can download it and it will show you what files it can recover, but it won't actually recover them unless you buy it. There must be hundreds of them like that, and we get our share of spam for them. ;-)

I tend to recommend the open source photorec (see instructions on how to use it in the sticky thread link above), since it's very powerful, it's cross platform (Windows, OS X, Linux) and it really is free. But, there are others around that do a good job, too.
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take out memory card from portable media player, and connect memory card to computer using a card reader, then use this software

hope this helps.

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