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I just got my D50 TWO DAYS AGO and took some pictures with it, then connected it to my TV with the AV adapter. On connecting it to the TV, I felt a charge in my hand A) connecting it to the TV and B) touching the camera, at the metal part at the base of the lens near where it screws into the camera.

I used it immediately afterwards it seemed fine, though focusing seemed slow (although it was in low light, no flash, and I had the AF assist light turned off).

Today the lens is making slight squeaking noises when zooming in and out (this may be normal - but I dunno) otherwise when focusing on normal objects focusing is still very fast.

Should I be worried about the camera? How could I tell if it's been damaged? Does anybody know if this is likely to be covered by warranty?

Any responses would be appreciated.

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I think you were very lucky. Had the static discharge you felt, done any damage, I doubt that your camera would do anything now. Since it seems to work, I think no damage was done.

But this does highlight why I personally think it is unwise to make a direct connection from your camera to a TV or to a computer to download files. Not to mention the hazard associated with tripping over cables and causing physical damage to the camera or it's fragile connectors.

This is my personal philisophy, feel free to ignore it if you so choose.

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Declan - thanks for your post.

I think I've been lucky as you say. I've used the camera quite a bit today, and it seems to be working just fine.

I think the fact that the camera was turned off when it happened was probably my saving grace. I looked in the manual, and it warns of turning off the camera prior to connecting it, and advises removing and reinstalling the battery, resetting the camera after such an episode.

Interesting to see what say about connecting the camera straight to the PC. I made sure I bought a card reader so I never have to connect it directly. Saves potential driver hassles too.

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