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Default Help me with Exposure please...


Dear friends,

I have recently purchased a HP Photosmart 720, and I am very happy with its performance so far. However, as I am quite new in digital imaging, I have th eimpression that i am using my cams potential to its full.

I am having troubles with using White Balance, and Exposure settings.

My exposure settings is a set of vaules from 0 to +-2.0.

So can anyone tell me which one i should use in which conditions. (e.g. increase when it's sunny, or decrease, etc..)

I am also following the advices of previous messages, making many experiments, however it gets frustrating now knowing what happened and why...

thanks in advance
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Go to www.shortcourses.com

There are some very good tutorials on the use of the digital camera.
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Default Thx

Thank you, will do that... I have also been benefiting from your other advices as well...U cant imagine to how many people you are helping. I appreciate it...

By the way, great job, steve, i am telling everyone about the page. Soon you will have a blast in Italy...

See you all...
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Default Help me with Exposure please...

In bright conditions in Auto mode the camera will decrease the exposure to let less light in and not allow the image to be over exposed. The opposite happens in low light conditions, the iris is opened more to let more light in and prevent the image from coming out too dark or underexposed. If you use manual mode, (I don't have a HP 720 but use a Canon A40), you can see the difference in the lcd display (most of the time). As far as white balance is concerned, the Auto mode does a pretty good job most of the time but use the manual settings in tricky situations. Daylight for outdoor shots, cloudy for overcast days, tungsten or flourescent for indoor lighting and if you are lucky enough to have a manual capture setting, then you can hold a white card in front of the camera for 15 or maybe 30 seconds and take a reading from it. Hope this helps.

Rimbo 8)
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