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Default Help me please!!!!

I recently got rid of my 3.2 mp Sony cd mavica to upgrade to a 4 or 5mp camera. I loved that the mavica was so user friendly and that I could just plug it in to recharge whenever I needed. I didn't like the fact that it was so big and bulky and didn't have an eye hole to look through. If I was in the sunlight I couldn't see the LCD screen and had no clue how the pic would turn out. Anyways... that leads me to my question. I've been looking at several cameras and I'm at a loss. I don't understand the terminology for the power sources and that's a BIG issue for me. My first digicam was a Camedia that was returned very quickly when I had to replace the batteries all the time - Don't want that experience again! Ones I have concidered are:

Sony DSC-V1 (Hasn't been released.... could be an issue of time)
Olympus C5050 (Afraid that battery situation could be bad)
Nikon Coolpix5000 (Don't know much about it)

Please... if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Even if you suggest a different camera... I'm open to it! The camera will be used for every day stuff, and fun stuff like taking my toddlers pictures (rather than going to a professional). I took my brothers senior pics with the mavica and they were awesome! I really want sometime user friendly that I won't have to mess with the manual stuff unless I want to. Thanks in advance
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Of those listed, I'd go with the c5050. It has an automatic mode for point and shoot with an available manual mode. Also, it is in a heated competition with the g3 for best camera in its class, so you can't go wrong there. About the batteries, you can pick up a few sets of high powered nimh (which will last much longer than alkaline and are rechargable) and a rapid recharger for the price of one proprietary lithium ion. For those reasons, not to mention the great image quality and multitude of image storage options, I'd get the c5050.
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Default Re: Help me please!!!!

Originally Posted by crosstraxx
I don't understand the terminology for the power sources and that's a BIG issue for me.
Choose the ones that use AA NiMH cells, you can get them at every Walmart or alike stores, and they are cheap, you can get several sets for long run.
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