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Default Help needed for newbie

I am wanting to get a digital camera and havn't a clue what to get. Can someone help. I currnetly have a minolta 35mm with a long 270 zoom lens. I take tons of sports action shots. I want something with good, long zoom and can be used sometimes with not the best light. I really don't care about alot stuff I would like to just point and shoot. I love to take pictures and use tons of 35mm film due to the fear of not getting the picture. Thanks.
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You're probably not going to be happy with any consumer model (non-DSLR) camera for sports shots (especially, nightime or indoor sports with lower light).

Your best bet, would be to buy a camera like the Canon EOS-300D (Digital Rebel) or Canon EOS-10D. These can shoot at much higher ISO speeds with lower noise. Then buy a very fast lens (lower F-Stop Number) to go with it.

Then, you may have a better chance (depending on how much light is available).

The shutter speed used by a digital camera for proper exposure, is directly related to the maximum aperture (light gathering capability) of the lens, ISO Speed used, and lighting conditions.

Most compact models will have a maximum aperture of around F2.8 at full wide angle. Much worse when using zoom (because less light can reach the sensor using zoom).

You can increase ISO speed to allow faster shutter speeds (for example: ISO 400 is 4 times as sensitive as ISO 100, allowing shutter speeds 4 times as fast).

However, increasing ISO speed increases noise. Most users find that lower light photos at ISO 400 have too much noise, and lower ISO speeds result in blur from camera and subject movement due to slower shutter speeds.

Some consumer models are better than others. For example: the fastest lens you'll find in a Prosumer (non-DSLR) camera for it's focal range is the Sony DSC-F717. It's lens is rated at F2.0 at full wide angle, but only stops down to F2.4 at full 190mm zoom.

F2.0 is TWICE as bright as F2.8, allowing for shutter speeds that are twice as fast for the same lighting conditions and ISO speeds.

However, even with a Sony DSC-F717, a high percentage of your photos may not be useable due to motion blur or noise. Also, print sizes may be limited, too (due to loss of detail/noise at higher ISO speeds). Also, depending on lighting conditions, you may not be able to get useable photos either.

What is bright to the human eye, is not bright to a camera's lens (especially a "Prosumer" Digital Camera, with limited Dynamic Range).

Cameras like the Canon EOS-300D or EOS-10D have much larger sensors, and are able to shoot at higher ISO speeds with lower noise. This helps to prevent blur due to camera shake and subject movement. However, you still need a relatively fast lens to go with it, and these can get relatively expensive (especially when you get down to apertures wider than F2.0).
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