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Default Help with Pick a new Camera

Hello all, I know this question has been answered many times, but I need some help picking a camera out. I was looking at the Canon PowerShot G5, Coolpix 5700, C5060, or Dimage A1. I want to be able to hook the camera up to a telescope for night sky shots. Would also like to do close ups of the powder coating work I do. Going to use the camera in all-round use (indoors, outdoors, etc) I have read the reviews from many sites and from users, but still not sure which camera to lean towards.
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Youíve given a choice similar to a choice between a F-150 pickup, A BMW Z4 sports car, a Chrysler minivan and a Navigator SUV. All good but very different according to what you want it for.

The G4 is reasonably compact with a 4X zoom and f2 lens for good low light. I like having a B&W status panel with an optical finder and I really like having two custom modes on the mode dial along with separate P,A,S &M. The flip-out LCD is fully articulated and a decent size. Nice controls and features for a compact camera. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canong5/page17.asp G5 owners find the noise better than many comparable cameras and think it is finer grained.

The 5060 is actually a little more compact than the G4. It gives up some telephoto range for 27mm wide capability. I would personally prefer the wide capability in a general purpose camera but that is a preference that might not suit your picture habits. It is an f stop slower than the G5 and also has a nice 1.8 inch articulated LCD and status panel. It also has a nice mode dial with a single custom setting. I like to crosscheck Philís reviews for the really bad news as he is apt to be a little more critical, but Phil hasnít done a full review. http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_reviews/c5060.html and http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/C5060/C56A.HTM

The Nikon 5700 isnít as easy to slip into a coat pocket because the 8X zoom makes for a longer lens. It is an f stop slower than the G5 but reaches out to 280mm compared to 140 for the G5 and 110 for the Oly. It doesnít have wide angle capability though. The LCD is fully articulated but only 1.5 inches. It doesnít have a standard mode dial and Iíve read some complaints about setting stuff, but it looks useable. I would prefer a mode dial. It has an EVF which I prefer to optical. Poor low light focus combined with no distance readout in manual focus would be an irritant to me Ė in fact it is a large irritant in my FZ10. And I particularly like raw mode and would be irritated by the long write times. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikoncp5700/page21.asp

The A1 is bulkier and a little heavier than the 5700. You get wide angle with a decent telephoto range. I particularly like the big manual zoom ring compared to electric zoom with a long zoom range. The image stabilization is good for 2 f stops as long as you donít have subject motion to deal with, so you can take shots in lower light without a tripod. The G5 would be better for available light action shots but the A1 can shoot in lower light without subject motion to deal with. I like having both SHQ JPG and an efficient fast writing raw mode. Adobe RGB is nice if you post process and the EVF is higher resolution than the 5700. I find the real time histogram handy in shooting mode which the Nikon doesnít have and it is a moot point with the optical finder cameras for me. The flip out LCD is larger than the Nikon (same as Oly and G5) but doesnít fully articulate like the others Ė it just flips out. I also really like a subject tracking/continuous focus mode for anything not standing still. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/mino...ea1/page21.asp

I would personally prefer the features of the A1, but I also have a small carry camera for when I donít want the bulk. The A1 might be a little bulky as an only camera. Go in a store and handle all of them.
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Default Re: Help with Pick a new Camera

Originally Posted by getastro
.. I want to be able to hook the camera up to a telescope for night sky shots. ...
Check with the digiscoping folks (forum near the bottom of the list here) to find out which one is best for coupling to a telescope. Also look carefully at the noise charactoristics of those cameras - you are very likely to be shooting with long exposure times.
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Thanks for the info. I looking at the G5 or G3
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