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Jagg Apr 27, 2003 2:41 PM

Help on settings for new digicam (S400)
Ok, just got the S400 and am so far happy with it. I wanted a 'point and shoot' that takes good quality pics, hopefully this will fit the bill.


1. What size should i shoot? I have a 256 CF. The pics will mostly be 4x6, do i shoot in 400x600 or should i shoot higher (ie: the max size) and just reduce for printing? (I will constantly move them to pc, but don't want a ton of large files on the pc)

2. What about compression, fine, superfine, etc. I currently am using superfine, since that seems to be the best, but the size of each pics is huge, over a meg. Does this make a big difference?

3. I use mostly auto mode, but i can adjust, ISO, shutterspeed and whitebalance on manual mode. Will the pics be better manually adjusted or should i 'shoot and pray' in automode??

Any other recommendations for basic settings appreciated. Thanks for any help.

Klaus DK Apr 30, 2003 1:50 PM

1. use maxsize - some day you will get the benefit of high res. shots.
2. Not in screenview - but for printing yes. Use superfine!
3. It depends of the motive. The autosetting is for fast shooting and newbies. Learn you digicam and take better shots in almost every situations.


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