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A friend of mine was told by his wedding photographer that he would be given 300DPI pictures of his wedding on a CD. Is there a way to find out if these pictures are indeed 300DPI?
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That's a meaningless number unless you also specify how large you're going to be printing an image. ;-)

If you wanted to print an image at 8x10", you'd need an image size of 2400x3000 pixels (7.2 Megapixels) to get 300 dpi:

8 inches x 300 dpi = 2400 pixels
10 inches x 300 dpi = 3000 pixels.

But, if you tried to take that same image and print it at 16x20 inches, you'd end up with only 150 dpi:

2400 pixels / 16 inches = 150
3000 pixels / 20 inches = 150

There is a number in the image header that cameras place there. Some cameras plug in 72 dpi, some plug in 240, some plug in 300, etc. But, it doesn't mean a thing to most software. It's only a number (and you can even edit it to something else with some image editors).

Even a lot of pros don't understand that part, and hardly a month goes by when someone doesn't get upset because their new camera is taking images at only 72dpi. :-) Again, it's only a number placed in the image header and the dpi you get from a given image size will depend on the print size you use.

Here is an article that may help to explain it:


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Yes you can find out by right clicking on the image file and click on, Properties. Next click on the Summary tab. This is assuming that the PP process includes exif information.
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