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I just bought the Canon A75 yesterday and am a complete newbie with digital cameras. That's why I just stuck to the AUTO mode and took a bunch of test shots. I notice that all pictures I take indoors that use flash turn out overexposed (is that the term? - face is too bright and background dark). It just seems as thought the flash is too strong and too bright.

How can this overexposure be corrected? Should I be using another mode other than AUTO? (There's a bunch of modes) I read the manual about the P mode (program AE) which "automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture value to match the brightness of the scene". Would this correct the problem?

I'm confused! Everything is wonderful about the digital camera so far except for a very bright face when flash is used. Please help!!

Thanks a bunch!
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I also just bought this camera and am quite satisfied, but I did notice that indoor shots taken too close do come out to bright. But I find when further away, flash works fine. I have not read the whole manual yet, but I am sure there isway to overcome this. If no one else answers you, I'll get back to you once I read more of the manual. Right now my problem is the images appear darker on my computer screen than they do on the LCD. My monitor is calibrated properly ( because my prints match my screen ), so I have to fool around with maybe assigning a different profile or something. Otherwise I'll have to continue adjusting each image before I print. But I am rambling now because I like to modify just about any image before printing.
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My first thought is, you're probably too close to what you're shooting. Your manual will have suggested minimum distances when shooting with flash.

A possibly solution would be to stick a piece of 3M scotch satin tape over the flash. It'll not only reduce the light output slightly, but lend a softer flash too - which results in more pleasing images.
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Are you sure the image is overexposed? I looked up the specs for the A75 and the minimum flash range is 1.5 feet. I doubt if you were that close when you took the picture. I played a little with my mother's A70 last weekend and flash pictures looked overexposed to me on the LCD screen but when printed out they were OK. Perhaps the LCD screen is too bright and can be adjusted down. I also noticed theangle at which you view the LCD screen makes a big difference in howbright it appears.

If you are actually getting overexposure you may beable toadjust the EV compensation down a bit on flash photo's but you may have to go out of AUTO mode to do that. I looked to see if the A75 had a flash compensation adjustment but the specs say no.

Just make sure you are really getting an overexposed image and it's not just a quirk of the LCD screen. When all else fails, carefully read the section of the user manual about using the flash on your A75.:-)

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