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I just purchased the Olympus C8080 primarily to take photos of my daughter who is 11 months old. The problem I am having is with the shutter delay. What I mean is this: my daughter does something cute, I press the button, by the time the camera goes through the song and dance focusing and adjusting routine my daughter has moved and I wind up taking photos of the back of her head, the wall, a blur, you get the point.

My question is, how can I take a photo where the time between me pressing the button and the camera actually taking the photo is the quickest. It's impossible getting an 11 month old to "pose".

Thanks so much!
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Try using the manual focus on your camera; instead of the camera taking the time infocusing, you would have already focused in half the time as the camera without having to press the shutter buttonhalfway. I have the Olympus C4000 and will use manual focus when I know the subject I take will not be stationary for a few seconds.
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Hi Madeline,

Your camera has what is called a burst feature.

This allows you to take several photos simultaneously.

Read up on your manual on this feature.

This way you can keep the photos you like and delete the rest.

When you have a good one, consider posting in the Post your Photos - People thread.

Welcome to the forum
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Those answers both suck.

You need to prefocus by holding the shutter down halfway. Then push it the rest of the way when you're ready to shoot the picture.
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Why wouldn't manual focusing help with taking a quicker shot?
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