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I went to buy Scandisc Compact Flash card for my A75. I was told by the seller that the cards come as 4x, 8x, 12x etc... However, there is nothing mentioned on CF card and also on the box. How would I know

a) what speed it has - 4x, 8x or 12x
b) whether it is CF Type-I or CF-Type-2
c) A75 came with 32 MB CF card (High speed). What do you mean by High speed ?
d) Which CF card (4x, 8x or 12x) I should buy for my A75. Will my camera able to optimise the speed (12x) given the 12x cost double the 4x.

Any information please ...
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I don't know of any speed tests with the A75 (although you may want to check with A75 users in the Canon forum). Rob Galbraith does have some tests in DSLR models of various cards (but you can't go by how a card performs in one camera, in another). Each camera will work differently.

With some models, you do get a speed increase with a faster card (up to a point). I'd be inclined to go with something along the lines of a the Lexar 24x CompactFlash card.

I've seen users running tests of multiple cards in the Minolta DiMAGE A1, indicate that this card is much faster than some of the competing cards rated with a higher multiplier number, and also tests just as fast as the newer Lexar 80x Card.

So, up to a point, your camera may be able to take advantage of a faster card. Then, the bottleneck is likely to become the camera versus the card.

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Old Aug 3, 2004, 7:06 PM   #3
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Go with Sandisk Ultra II 512 MB card.

You cant go wrong

Check ebay for good prices on them.

Good luck
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Old Aug 6, 2004, 10:42 AM   #4
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Thanks for the information. I do not really understand why the manufacturers are not mentioning the speed of the card such as 4x, 12x, 60x, Highspeed etc. even if the speed is not a criteria for non-DSLRs.

Here in India, the seller says the Scandisc CF Type I card is 24x. Since the price list shows different prices for different speeds, How do one know that the seller is not cheating. This was my question.

Anyhow, thanks a lot for providing inputs.
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