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Default How many MPs ?????

I am looking for a portable/pocketable digicam that will provide good detail, accurate colors / skin tones. I am planning to print up to 8x10" on my Canon i950. What is the minimum MP (resolution) required to print great 8x10s? :shock:
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Minimum would be 3mp but recommend 4mp.
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All small digitals use rangefinder type optical viewfinders. They typically show 79-85% of the actual area that will be captured. And most of us donít frame perfectly even in the viewfinder unless we have some time. So if you crop a 3Mp shot to 80% and then get the largest 8 X 10 you can from it you end up with about 154 PPI. That is OK but not the best.

If you frame with the LCD and frame it close enough that you donít have to crop at all you can get 190 PPI from an 8 X 10. I have an S9000, which I believe has the same print heads as your 950, and I canít see much improvement over 190 PPI. But not many people shoot regularly with the LCD except for macro and tripod shots. And for many shots you would lose more detail from not holding the camera steady than you would gain in pixels.

Little cameras tend to have limited zoom ranges and you often have to crop further for that as well. You have more to play with if you go with 4Mp.

Some people seem to think of digital shots as temporary. So they feel they need no more pixels than their current requirements. I carefully back up my photos on good quality media and have no idea what my future use might be. I hope they will be passed down and enjoyed as I have appreciated photos passed down to me. Even with my current wide format printer 5Mp isnít really enough, giving 135PPI for a 13 X 19 if I frame it perfectly and donít have to crop. You might one day discover how lost 8 X 10s get on a wall and get a S9100. Or 10 years from now buy a S3750 that does beautiful 16 X 20s and 20 X 30s. I would go for 5Mp and forget about the minimalist approach. The Minolta G500 is a nice little camera and doesnít cost an arm and a leg. The Sony P92 and P10 are 5Mp and take nice 640 X 480 movies. The Pentax 555 is a little pricier but has a 5X zoom which requires less cropping for long shots.
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