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How do u take pictures at nite where the people and the landscape (or buildings) are both lighted ?! i have a sony w1 and when i take pictures usually the people are bright but you can't see the buildings in the back cuz it's too dark ?! i change it to nite mode and the picture comes out fuzzy or it looks like the picture got dragged ?!?!? someone please help !
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You need a night mode with flash on. You also need a tripod or at least a wall or something to rest the camera on. I use a remote or timer release to fire the shutter so that I don't accidently move the camera when pressing the shutter button.

The night mode will give you a long exposure which will allow the background to show up but is also likely to give you blur through camera shake if you don't use a tripod. The flash will light up the people in the foreground.
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is there a way to do it w/o a tripod because i've used my friends canon elph and the pictures show up with both fore+background lighted but did not use a tripod ?! is it just sony cameras ?!
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The method mentioned above of using a fill flash and long exposure is usually the way to go. Just remember- tell the people you're shooting that they can't move for an instant after they see the flash!!!! Your results are because you moved or shook the camera or your friend moved. You don't NEED a tripod if you can find some other way to stabilize the camera. Holding it in your hands usually isn't an effective way, though.

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Just a question. When you are taking your shots, do you use the LCD or the optical viewfinder?

I am a believer in almost NEVER using the LCD for actually taking pictures. I find that using the optical viewfinder results in a more stable shot because you are bracing the camera against your face rather than holding it out in mid-air in front of you (like so many LCD users end up doing..no WONDER they have blurry shots!)

Also, in those 'twilight portrait' mode shots, you are counting on the flash to freeze the action rather than the shutter speed so you will need to be close enough for the (always) weak flash to do its job.


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