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Default How to use P mode

I am using Aperture mode most of the time, but I am having a hard time understanding the Program Mode. How do you use it?
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P mode (Program Mode) changes the aperture and shutter speed together and can be used for snap shots or times when you don't want shutter or aperture priority. P mode can be compared to Auto mode except you can change other settings.
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P, A (Av), and S (Tv) Modes all do the same thing. When you change a setting, the camera compensates for the change by changing something else. The difference between them is what happens when lighting conditions change. If you're using Shutter priority, the shutter speed stays the same and the camera changes the Aperture to accomodate the change in lighting. If you're using Aperture priority, the aperture stays the same, and the camera changes the Shutter speed to accomodate the change in lighting. In Program Auto, when the lighting changes, the camera is free to change both the shutter speed and aperture as it sees fit.
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There will be times, when using aperture priority, that the camera will not be able to come up with a shutter speed appropriate to the aperture you have selected (and vice versa for shutter priority). Program mode will allow you to concentrate more on composition, in these cases. It usually is programmed to analyze the scene to determine whether to emphasize aperture or shutter speed. (based on what, I could only guess)

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G'day Raylee

The above answers are 'perfect' ... but can I add a bit more

Full Auto is where the camera does everything [like the ol' Kodak Instamatic "you press the button - we do the rest"] and all the exposure settings are middle-of-the-road settings to ensure a 'good picture' every time and the camera never shows you these settings

Program is Full Auto but now the camera shows you its speed & aperture settings and you can tweak them if you wish. However those settings are still middle of the road settings > quite okay for most things, don't get me wrong

However, when you want to go for Depth of Field [large or small] you will move to the Aperture controls, when you want shutter speeds [fast or slow], you will go to the Shutter controls

Hope this helps a bit ...
Regards, Phil
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Thanks for all the replies. I understand, I guess I just need to play with it.
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