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Default HP photosmart 720 vs Kodax dx4900

Hello all.

I'm serioulsy considering dipping into D-photography for the 1st time. I've been an slr fan for many years already and will keep my pentax mz5n for more serious photography. For the past year and 1/2, though I've been taking more point and shoot type shots with my olympus stylus epic , which I love for it's small size, sharpness, low light performance and all weather construction and simplicity of use and also it's cheap price (I got one used for $35!!).

I've just discovered this site today and have to say it's great! I've narrowed my choices for digital camera down to 2:

HP photosmart p720 3.3mp
Kodax dx4900 4.0mp

I want a good all round camera, mainly for people shots, but I'm always a person who want's manual override for special shots (like low light or nightime). I seem to be leaning towards the Kodax, from the brief reviews and specs I've seen it seems to allow more manual operation than the HP (can anonye offer more info?) but it's just a little bit more expenive than the HP (my price ceiling is $500). I'm wondering about accessories like external lens attatchments etc. which one is more expandable?

My final concern is resolution and image sharpness. My epic stylus gives me great resolution and detail when I scan negatives thru my canon fs2710 negative scanner (giving me 2700dpi resolution). The sample pics that I've seen at this website for both models don;t impress me too much. They seem noisy, pixely blotchy (no disrespect to the orginal photograper intended), as compared to the photos present in the Digicham Closeups section of this site(which are amazing to me). I'm quite put off by the 'lack' of sharpness in the potential pics I might be getting. But then again, I'm assuming the camera's used in the 'Digicham close up' section of this site are much more expensive semi-pro units.

So to summarize, out of the HP photosmart p720 3.3mp
and Kodax dx4900 4.0mp, which would u choose in terms of:

Image quality? Is 4mp much better than 3.3?

Expandability? Which will better accpet accessories and upgrades?

Manual override? Which will allow more creativity?

Thanks for any input.
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I don't know either camera well. Seems Steve has the most detailed review of the HP, but there are lots of reviews of the Kodak, which you can find on this list:


I would think the Kodak would be the better camera, just by reputation. For well under $500 you can do better, though. The Olympus C-4000 is available from good stores online for about $375. It's a great all around camera with full auto and manual controls.
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