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3. I would shoot and about 50% of the shots were what I would call keepers.
Phil, I always keep all mine. I know what you mean though and I wish I got as much as 50%. From a purely photographic perpective I'd probably keep about 10% on a good day
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Default Re: Huge Dilemma, need help...

Originally Posted by Alan T
Originally Posted by Hammerjoe
So what were your arguments that made you decide to get a Digital camera?
Will that do for a start?
Following a thread in another of these forums I realise there's another big reason to go digital....

5. If you keep transferring your life's work to each new computer & storage medium, it'll stay in good shape until you want to look at it in your old age. You'll degrade, but your pictures won't. This is new. We actually went backwards in permanence when we changed to colour from b&w, but now we have, if we want it, the biggest step ever in improved permanence.

Those of us with filmscanners have been there for some time of course, and everyone with a scanner can catch up if they want to, assuming their negs are in good order, but it's a big job. Digicams do the job when you push the button for all your future photography.
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Here is how I made the leap.

I started out with a basic point-and-shoot digicam (an Olympus D490 in 2001 about $350). I wanted to see if (1) I enjoyed using a digicam and (2) if we used the digital or our SLR more over the course of a year. If after a year the answer was yes to both questions, then upgrading was certainly in order. But if we did not like digital, then I could sell it and not be out much money.

That first year, we still used our EOS Rebel G occasionally but did not to the extent of the digital. Now after using an Olympus C4040 (a terrible decision instead of the Canon G2) during 2002, I now have a Canon G3. My son just turned 4, and my wife and I have taken about 500-600 candid and posed pictures since he turned 3 last year. We will still pull out the SLR and take some shots with it, but primarily to keep it in good working condition.
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Really great answers, all of you! I concur! I just wonder if Hammerjoe will log back in to benefit from this wealth of information!!??!!
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Thank you guys for your motives.

I decided and got a refurb c740 from Olympus directly.
It's on it's way as we speak.

I really wanted to get a camera I just couldn't find enough reasons to do so until you guys came along.
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And... the pictures look great on a 17" monitor or a 35" televisiion. You can send them to relatives on the internet. They are a blast to maipulate in an image editor.
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