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This is my first camera and I am really excited. I got a job (well not a paying one ha) with a campus (college) magazine that reviews local music, and they want me to be a photographer. My dad had this camera and never used it, so he gave it to me.

What should I do next to pursue my photography hobby? I want to get a good base and know what i'm talking about as far as cameras and accessories go.

Also, does anybody have any good advice or websites that may help with a new user of the coolpix 5700? Thanks.
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The first thing is to read the users guide or get one if your father lost it.

Next, I would test your battery life. Make sure that you fully charge the battery(ies) and set aside some time to practise with the camera to get a better idea how it works. This is double duty in that you are seeing how long the battery lasts while familiarizing yourself with the camera. If possible, try to simulate the conditions under which you may be shooting for the magazine -- especially with regards to the flash usage. Taking shots in good light without a flash will give you better battery life than using the flash indoors or outside in shady conditions.

If you seem to get a lot less operating time on a battery than the manual says you should, you may need to buy a new battery or two. Your needs in this regard will only be found out through experience. If you find yourself consistently running out of power in the field, you'll have to have enough extra batteries on hand to tide you over until you can get a recharge.

There are many sources of information on all aspects of photography freely available on the internet. Most of the really general stuff will apply equally to film or digital photography. A search of Steve's site should deliver recommendations for sites and books as this question has been posed numerous time in the past.

Here's a link that explains the use of the 5700 probably better than the owners manual:


Nextphoto of Canada makes quality lens accessories for the 5700 allowing you to attach standard-size screw-on filters. The cost is less than the Nikon accessories, and I think that the Nikon stuff only allows you attach non-standard sized Nikon filters. I have a Nextphoto filter adapter on my 5700 and it's great.

Another link with EXTENSIVE user info' :

Don't get intimidated by the amount of information.:? You can get by on the default, automatic settings, they just aren't optimal for all situations. After you've used the camera a bit and familiarized yourself with some basic photographic knowledge, you'll get a better handle on what kinds of options you want to set on the camera. There are also lots of people on these forums to give advice!

Don't be a stranger!


Edit: Jeese, I forgot about post processing! To get the most out of any digital camera, you should have at least a basic knowledge of digital image editing. This is a subject unto itself which is also addressed in these forums. You can get by without it -- if you have the favor of the gods -- but the ability to improve substandard photos after the fact (or squeeze the most out of good ones) will save your butt many times!
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