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Default I need deffinitions of some terms in my Finepix 2650 book

Greetings all,

I am clueless on some terms that are in my Fuji Finepix 2650 book. If someone could explain it that would be a big help because I don't understand from reading the book.

1. What is, "DISP"?

2. What is a Macro photo?

3. What is EV/ Exposure Compensation?

I've never had my own camera and have always used my parents (An Olympus 35mm) and now that I have my own digital camera I need to learn these things. I asked my dad but he doesn't know these terms.

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My answers/guesses: :lol:

1. Short for "DISPlay"?

2. Macro photo is where you get really close to the object being photographed... the minimum focusing distance varies with different cameras. Anything with a minimum focusing distance of one inch is considered very good.

(From the excellent photo dictionary of term at www.photonotes.org: "True macro photography is generally considered to be 1:1 or greater. In other words, the subject is the same size as the final negative--in the case of 35mm film, 24x36mm in size." Digital cameras have much smaller sensors.)

3. When you take a photo, the camera looks at the whole scene and meters the exposure (i.e., determines amount of light to let in) to correctly show everything in the viewfinder (or tries for the best compromise); you can increase or decrease that amount of light, usually in 1/3 or 1/2 increment of Exposure Value--this is Exposure Compensation.

Good luck!
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Oh gee guys don't forget my digi-dictionary:


-Steve :lol:
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