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Default I need help from America, please. S602Z + Microdrive d/load

Hi all
I'm about to jump into the digicam pool for the first time and need some questions answered before the leap.

The camera :? I think will be a Fuji FinePix S602Z purchased primarily for our first holiday from Australia to the West coast of America 8) .
Please keep in mind I have very little photographic knowledge ops: .

My questions are ;

Do the American photo developing/camera shops have the ability to download images directly from Microdrive or the camera with Microdrive installed? I'm hoping to d/load the images to compact disc and then edit them, on reaching home.

If yes to the above question, can you recommend where in Los Angeles and/or in San Francisco.

When operating at 2832 x2128 pixels, at 6M, set to fine quality. Are the images of a high enough standard, to allow quality printing of photographs ? This set up should allow ample shots, I hope :roll: .

All comments and thoughts will be appreciated.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>Not sure about the shops on the west cost but with the Fuji S602Z I get suburb quality using the 3 mp fine setting and you will get quite a few more shots on your storage device I use a 256 CF card in my S602 and I get 200 shots on this card. <U>Something to think about</U>. In February we plan to take a cruise, my fifth cruise but first with my S602 and a second CF card will be purchased by then. Sure can take a lot of fun pictures with a digital. </BLOCKQUOTE>
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If it's just sucking out the files and burning them to CD, I don't know about the States, but recently on a European holiday I persuaded a couple of Internet Cafe's to co-operate. They're understandably touchy about Viruses and connecting things. I always travel with a box of CDR's, a USB camera cable - and the camera software in case I need it.

I now have an old laptop with a MD/SM to PCMCIA adaptor and big HD. I noticed a number of these cafe's allowed 'wires only' connection to your own laptop - so that's nice for emailing pics, and you don't spend much time in there if you've done the downsizing and zipping beforehand. Also you are using your own browser and mail packages you are sure to know well. The last cafe I used had a Swedish keyboard and language - that threw me! I'd be nervous about leaving a MD with a photo printing shop - even for a couple of hours. At least with a laptop you can do your file sorting off-line and write the one's you want printed back to cheaper CF or SM.

6Mpix on a 602 has plenty resolution, but rriter makes a valid point about 3Mpix Fine, where the camera will also do some things faster. It's really personal choice, I used to use 3Mpix and had excellent 6X41/2's printed, but now for the extra 1Mb per file, and pics I can't re-shoot, I'd rather choose 6Mpix with soft sharpening. With a laptop you can also preview shots better (but displays are not ideal) to erase the duds.

The 602 is a very full featured camera, so get plenty of experience with it beforehand. My first learning point was to use the camera in the dark - it's not as simple as it seems first time around!
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Thanks for the information, appreciate your input
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