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Hi, I have recently entered a couple of on-line comps (unsuccessfully I might add!) which required entries to be 150kb or less. Is there and easy way to achieve this, at present I am more or less doing a hit-and-miss resizing until I hit the correct file size. There is probably an easy and obvious answer......please tell me it! I am currently using PSP 8

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I don't use PSP 8, but the techniques are going to be similiar, no matter what you use to do it.

There are two ways you can decrease an images file size. One is to reduce the image size in resolution. This is usually the preferred method (since you'llwant a smaller image for onscreen viewing anyway).

The other way is to increase the JPEG Compression Amount (decrease JPEG Quality). Most image editing packages have a slide bar for JPEG Quality, when you use the "Save As" option after modifying an image.

Personally, I'd just use Irfanview (downloadable free from http://www.irfanview.com ). It will let you quickly resize an image under the "Image, Resize/Resample" menu. I use the available Lanczos Algorithm for both upsizing and downsizing images.

For on screen viewing, I'd probably go to approximately 800x600 resolution -- keeping JPEG Quality as high as possible (tweaking it as needed to keep the file sizes down below 150kb).

Now, this is "hit and miss", too. However, because file sizes vary with JPEG Images (based on the amount of detail in an image), what works for one image, may not work for another.

Sure, you COULD always downsize to the same smaller size at around 800x600, then set JPEG Quality to a low value (insuring that the images wouldALWAYS be under 150kb when saved). However, you don't want to decrease quality too much -- especially if you are trying to "show off" your images.

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Thx JimC will try all of that when I get home. I've seen many recommendtions for Irfanview whilst browsing tonite and must try that too....
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Jim has the right idea, but since you already have a powerful photo editor in PSP 8, there really isn't a reason to install another photo editor.

You can do the steps Jim mentioned in PSP 8. Take a look at this link,


I am not trying to down play what Jim has said, because his steps are correct. I just don't think you need another graphics/photo editor program just to resize photos.

Have fun.
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I can't help you with PSP 8 info, but I can say something else.

The link that RyanH posted has a glaring error in it.

It talks about setting the Dots Per Inch (DPI) for web usage. DPI has nothing to do with the web, it only effects printing. Don't worry about it.

Second, the article almost suggests that you should crop the picture to reduce its size (it also mentions "unneccessary elements", which is good.) Don't. You are entering a contest (I assume that is what you mean by comps.) You want the best you can do. Crop for composition and looks. Don't crop to make it smaller.

Once you have done that, use jpg compression to reduce the size to under 150KB. With PhotoShop CS you can specify the size of the picture and it will figure out the jpg compression rate. I don't know if PSP 8 can do that, but you might want to check.

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Old Jul 16, 2004, 9:56 PM   #6
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Paint Shop Pro will tell you the file size by clicking on the "Image Information" tab. Look there after resizing or compressing. If the size is not what you wish "undo" and try some different settings. File size is the last line in the menu that opens under the Information tab.

Hope this helps.

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Old Jul 17, 2004, 2:42 AM   #7
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Resizing JPEG to a certain file size is a non trivial job.
Check out http://cpicture.de/en, when doing a resize you can specify the new file size with either a fixed pixel size or a fixed quality setting; depending on your needs.

It will even respect the embedded meta data for the output size. Its all done with the help of the new JPEG features of the Independent JPEG group. (These new features are not yet in the current library version 6b).
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The easiest way for me to compress the file is to merely save over the file with lviewpro. The version I have is a bit older since I only use it to compress the files, so I am not sure if the newer version works the same. I do all my resizing in photoshop and then just open and save the images in lviewpro. It works great and is actually quicker IMHO. You can also pic up a little tool I found that is very useful. It is called "image resizer powertoy for windows xp". You can resize and compress all or one file in a folder at once. You can choose to keep the original and have it save with a different name (file-medium.jpg) as opposed to the original (file.jpg). It appears the quality of the image after resizing is very good. I mostly use photoshop to resize still, but for quick jobs where I just want to email or host pics on my site, then I will use the image resizer.
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