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Default Image size settings

newbie question..... I know that most will say set the image quality to the largest possible, in case for example I want to have a picture blown up to 8x10 etc.... Is there any disadvantage in the image quality if I shoot them all in say 14m compared to 8m (which are the two highest options on my camera) and when I transfer to my computer after I can always resize them smaller, will this lose any image quality making them smaller? I know taking a smaller pic which was say designed to be 4x6 and then after wanting it larger would lose quality, so best to go bigger, but what about the opposite, going from large (it's taking them at 4288 x 3216) and resizing them smaller?

I have an 8gig card so at 14M I get 1125 pics, 8M I get 1921.... I think 1125 is plenty of room for me, lol..... so should I keep my settings at 14M for best option? Even if I don't plan to enlarge prints?
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When you set your camera to store images at a lower resolution, it downsamples the images in the camera. The camera doesn't have the processing power as your computer, so it won't do as good a job downsampling images as your computer. In other words, your computer will do a better job making 8MP images from your 14MP originals than your camera will.
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