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Default images- tips?

i took these on auto, default settings with my c3040z camera in HQ mode, 2048x1536. cloudy day, some sun. macro turns out decent i think, but when it comes to blending both the bright sky with the darker trees and houses, it just looks horrible. how can i go about getting better photos that are not over/underexposed? as you can see, the shot of the heli from above makes the body very dark but yet the blades VERY bright. i want a balanced picture, but i cannot quite figure out how to do it.... :?

love my hobby....
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Get a circular polarizing filter. With it, you can darken the sky by cutting out some of the light. It will also let you greatly reduce the amount of reflected light (aka glare) from glass/water, etc. I'm not sure it will help with the reflections off metal objects, though.
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Another way is to do it all in your digital darkroom.

Take two you more pics from the same position - but messure the ligth both in the dark areas and light. Copy and blend the photos on you pc - hurry - forget the filter.

It's a common problem with digicams...when you take pics of motives with great contrast difficulties comes running to you. The camera cannot messure correctly in all areas. I often set my CP5700 to manual lightmess. and choose a place, where theres a lot of midtones, then blend down a little i.e -1 and shoot. The rest I work with on the pc. But I admit it is difficult and mostly depends on the motives.
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I believe LG has the idea. You can purchase an adapter tube and filters at www.2filter.com. They are very helpful and great prices.
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ok, a filter sounds good. i had one more thing to ask: since i take photos at longer distances, would a telephoto lens add on help any? most of the time this heli is 50-100 feet out and gettinng a good picture is a bit hard. i was looking at the 43mm 2x telephoto...
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