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Default Indoor distance pix too dark.

I have a modest budget of $500 USD to purchase a camera to be used by a trade association. The majority of pictures will be taken indoors in banquet room lighting. Other cameras used to date are producing very dark results when the subject is more than 5-6 feet away. I can anticipate shooting groups of people from 15-20 feet away.

Can anyone suggest the flash features I should be looking for? Do any makes or models come to mind as being a good fit for this need?

Thank you all in advance for sharing your expertise.
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You need a camera with a hot shoe and a flash attachment. I donít know of anything that will take flash pictures at 20 feet reliably with the built-in flash.

Whatever you buy will require an additional memory card Ė they never come with enough memory to take a decent number of high quality photos. So factor that into your cost. CF and SD cards are the most reasonably priced. They are also the best choice for being able to use in other things Ė SD especially is used in PDAs etc. Memory Stick and xD are pricey and limited to Sony or Fuji and Olympus respectively.

I think this is about the smallest camera with a hot shoe: http://www.centraldigital.com/cen.cf...TOKEN=73884480 By the time you factor in the extra cost of the Memory Stick the Canon G5 might be a better choice: http://www.fotoconnection.com/viewit...efTag=dealtime There are cheaper prices on both, but those are the two cheapest I could find from reliable retailer. The G5 has a faster lens, nice articulating LCD, has a status window and is a better all round camera IMO.

You donít need a pricey dedicated flash unit. Something like this is reasonably light and would reach the ranges you are interested in: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...=&O=&sku=52790

If you want some great available light shots at indoor functions the stabilization on the FZ10 is excellent. You can handhold down to very low shutter speeds if the subjects arenít moving much. But the best price currently available is around your $500 budget. So adding a flash and SD card would take you well over. The new stabilized Canon S1 might be cheaper after the camera has been on the market a while since the list price is $100 cheaper, but it is only 3Mp.

Maybe someone could recommend a 4 or 5Mp camera in your price range with a hot shoe. 3Mp is a little skimpy unless you are sure you wonít be making blowups. There are plenty of 3Mp cameras in your price range with a hot shoe if that is satisfactory.
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This is an odd suggestion, but MIGHT work...

Wolf camera has an external flash unit (I forgot the name, you'll have to ask them), that you can sit on a tabletop or attach to a tripod via the included stand. They are only $20.00 each! You can sit two or more of these around a room, and the flash from your existing camera will trigger them when it goes off, filling the room with light.

Now, it depends on the camera used as to how well it works. I could never get a Canon A70 to time right with them so the pics turned out darker, however, a Minolta G500 ($399) worked very well with them, and I was able to get huge room shots with good flash lighting.

Again, it's hit-or-miss depending on the camera, but these mini-flash units are great for the price.

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Default Give the Fuji S7000 a good look

I have found the flash to be very bright. Fuji claims 28' Wide Angle. I haven't tried that far away but all the shots I have taken have been very good. It also does well in low light.

Also Fuji has a $100 rebate and I saw on dells site this past week they had 15% off. You should be near your 500 mark.
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