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Default Just bought a Canon G5 + external flash but I'm a novice

I've used Canon Elph digital cameras (S230, S100) for the past two years and never had anything else better than a 'point and shoot' camera before.

Now that I've finally gotten past the point where half my pictures show a body with most of the head cut off, I've decided it's time to learn a little more about photography and shoot better pictures.

My son has a Canon G2 with a 420X Speedlite external flash, and I've noticed that his camera takes far better pictures in less-than-optimal lightling condittions, and he says it's the 'bounce flash' on the Speedlite. But he's also an experienced photographer with lots of years of experience.

So what's the best way for me to learn to use my new camera and flash? (So far I've taken pictures of my messy living room in the 'auto' mode with the built-in flash and the external flash). Can anyone recommend any good books or good websites for 'newbies' like me (especially since I'll be travelling to see my 2 year old grandson for Christmas!)?

Thanks in advance!
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If your flash has a swivel head ; turn it to ceiling or other large light reflecting surface, but not to subject.

If you don't have a swivel head flash, then the advantage of external flash is mostly that it covers a larger distance. In such case (and also when using internal flash) I would recommend for indoor photos; Flash underexposure. I don't know if Canon G2 allows for such but if your camera does, use it. Experiment upfront how your flash images turn out. If you still feel they are a bit harsh, cover he flash with a cigarete rollling paper or thin piece of white plastic.


Good to hear you outgrown the decaptivated head syndrome with Digital elph. I used the first serie of Canon digital Ixus/ Elph for some years and know that camera is quite difficult to time with life subjects. You may find framing and timing an ease with your new camera.
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what kind of the flash did you get?

The G5 should have flash exposure compensation, my G2 does, but it isn't exactly a beginner thing to adjust on location. If you can turn the flash head upwards than that will do a lot to 'smooth' out the light.
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A speedlite 420 was mentioned. After some search I found it in Canons web; http://www.usa.canon.com/html/camera.../420exfea.html
Seems to have a swivel head, that is good.
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