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Hi there, this probably sounds silly to people who are very good with cameras, but it is bugging me to death,lol. When i try to install my CX6200 Kodak camera to my pc i keep getting the following message " a service installation section in this inf is invalid " . Ihave been on to most camera help sites, and also to Kodak home as well. The upgrade gives me no help after upgrading, as it still does the same thing. Could there be anything that i missing when trying to install. I thank anyone who gives me a reply. All help is appreciated. Thankyou. My pc is windows XP home sp2, 1.9GHZ, and 256 ram.
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Why are you trying to install your camera? What are you trying to do...upload pics? All you should have to do is plug in your USB cable into your computer...you should get a popup window asking you what you want to do (with choices, like copy pictures). If you're not getting a popup, maybe your USB post is malfunctioning...try another port.

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When I was running WinME, I used the camera manufacturer's software to download my pix from the camera. But, since getting XP, I just plug the camera into a USB port and the OS recognizes the camera as a removeable drive that shows up in My Computer. I then double-click the drive icon to open it and select the picture folder. Then I just do a Copy-To from the folder to the destination folder. When it's done, you should double-click on the little "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray and choose "Stop" in the box that pops up. After the computer tells you it's safe the remove the device, you can turn off the camera and detach the cable.

I guess the way it's usually supposed to go after you attach the camera is the way rinniethehun described with the camera & scanner wizard, but that has never happened to me!

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i checked my usb ports with other devices and all seems fine. and the camera is detected, but once it tries to read the details of it. i get that message about the INF being invalid. there is surely a simple answer to this...or is the camera now non detectable ?
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Most Kodak cameras won't show as a separate drive with EasyShare installed. Some won't even show with EasyShare removed but it is worth a try. Uninstall EasyShare and remove any references to the camera in Control Panel > Cameras and Scanners. Also check Device Manager and delete any references.

Then try plugging the camera in again. I have read posts saying some cameras have problems in front ports and work fine through the rear USB ports. I have no idea of the validity or reasoning but you could try a rear port if you have been using a front port.

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