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auntbeatch May 21, 2006 11:54 AM

Original Q posted in Printers > inkjet printers as:
Hi, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Just bought the iP4200, print from Dell laptop using built in LCD monitor, take photos w Canon G3, edit in PS LE, Picassa, Kodak EasyPrint, Canon Easy-PP, use Canon Premium Glossy paper.

I've done all the head & alignment calibration I can. Looks good.

Problem: How do I modify my monitor profile to match the printers--how do I make the screen look like what gets printed? My prints are leaning towards too much yellow, and look somewhat oversaturated. I'm looking for a universal solution, not print-by-print.

Should I grab some .icc file or something and apply it to my mon.? Can't find find useful guidance on Canon's site. Thank you a lot.


eric s May 21, 2006 4:30 PM

Unfortunately, LCDs often have less controls than CRTs do to help fix this type of thing.

You have three solutions.
- Try to find a test color chart on the web and print it. Then bring up the controls on your monitor to adjust contrast and brightness and other things (if you're laptop even has more control.. many don't) and try to make it match.

- PS LE probably comes with something called Adobe Gama. If it does, read about it and try to use it.

- Buy a device like Spyder II or a Monaco XR Pro and use it to build a profile specifically made for your monitor.

I did the last one and I've been very happy. Some people here like the Spyder, but I have been very happy with the Monaco. The Spyder had a rather bad repution for a while, but I believe it has been improved so it might be worth the money. At one time.... well, it wasn't.

Make sure whatever you get works on LCDs as well as CRTs. Some of the older models don't work on LCDs.


auntbeatch May 22, 2006 8:25 AM


Thanks for your thoughtful guidance and the reference. I'm going to find a test chart and print it (I have links to those). Also, I think I'll do a trial of PS Elements 4.0--hopefully that comes with Adobe Gamma. My currenteditors hug the root anyway, excepting Picassa 2, which iscool just because it'sGoogle. Again, thanks. I'll report back with my (successful) results.

Also, I've placed this post in: Steves Forums > Printers > Ink Jet - Inks, Papers, etc.
to see if I can get some comments. I promise to consolidate in a couple days.

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