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Default Leica Digilux 2 (Lens Cleaning/Repair)

So Grateful to be here in the midst of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in a common passion(obsession?), and if I could trouble you to read about my perdicament; Thanks So Much for your time and consideration!! )

I have small fleck of (dust?) about the size of a period ( . ), located just under the front element- that is giving me a “blotch” on several apertures, that is ruining so many photographs.

It doesn’t appear until I half press the shutter, and then there it usually is no matter what aperture or focus, and goes from bad to worse with manual changes in f-stop/manual focus/(DOF Changes).

The Leica Digilux 2 has a “fixed lens” to the camera body, and the sensor and lens are one part.

I have tried the vacuum trick as well as a can of compressed air, while moving focus for lens to “breath,” trying for max turbulence against the little “air slit,” without any results, this baby ‘dustfleck’ is clinging on for dear life!!

Is this a fixed lens that can be entered from the front? (On Youtube, they always go in from the back of lens- Mine is attached, “no-go” there).

Does anyone know of any business or person who might work on this problem?

Any ideas on how to go in through the front(If this is even possible).

This Camera is so important to me, my first Leica, and it just has so much emotion attached to it, to review it would be pure hyperbole. I realize it is outdated and obsolete, but it is my heart and second eyes.

I know the damage kitchen mechanics can cause, but this is all or nothing, and my shutter count is under 10K, it has the new sensor also(I know sensor failure was an issue earlier with this model- and it’s Panasonic Sister (DMC-LC1 and D2 both had the same Vario-Summicron fixed zoom lens.

I cannot tell you how grateful any help, tips, pointers, or even counter-intuitive hard love advice will mean to me.

The camera is worth fixing to me, and I am willing to take risks, swallow a monitary loss, or work around it the best way possible- but I will not give up on “Gretel.” 💔

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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You could send it back to Leica, or you could use Precision Camera.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
You could send it back to Leica, or you could use Precision Camera.
Thanks So Much @TCav! I will look into Precision Camera(as I believe from thread digging Leica no longer services this model). I could be wrong, but now I have a lead none-the-less)
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