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Geez guys I'm fresh out of liquid nitrogen I think the little people drank it when I wasn't looking. The only nitrogen I have left is in the fertilizer and that ain't no bull.

Thanks for the link Kalypso
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are you crazy? everybody knows that a dip in liquid nitrogen for any longer than 1/999sec will cause the front element to shrink by .0001258mm,for about 1/4000sec, and this of course will throw you focus off, but if you wait about 1/4000sec before you take a picture, you should be fine....
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lol hehehe
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ralphuk100 wrote:
I have JUST bought a CASIO QV-R40 (well last weekend anyway). I have just noticed that on the lens glass behind the "lens protector" there are two small smudges (at least I hope they are smudges!). How can I get rid of them, or try to get rid of them without damaging anything? I don't own any lens cleaning equipment and don't really want to buy any just for a snapshot camera but I will if that is the only option. Thanks. I need to find out quickly if they are smudges or scratches, if the latter its going to have to go back to the shop.
One thing I do not like is these auto lens protectors. A careless thumb and its back too the makers for an expensive repair
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