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:?Irecently purchaseda Fujifilm S7000. It says in the manual that the lenses, both telephoto and wide angle have a 55mm mount. I have been looking for some lenses that won't break my budget, and have found lenses that say they are for the S7000, but they have a 52mm mount. Could someone please explain what this mount business means, and if these lenses I found will work on my camera?:? I don't want to buy something that will sit in the box, if they aren't adaptable for my camera. Just trying to save myself a headache...lol!
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I think there may be some confusion in terminology here. I think the numbers you are questioning are the filter ring size. The term "mount" in this case is probably referring to mounting a filter or other attachment to the lens. Generally, the lens mounting ring is not referenced by size but rather by some proprietary code or name. For example, a common Nikon mount is the "D" mount. Other terms used to describe the mount are bayonet, screw-in, and others. Also, the name of the mounting interface may also indicate whether the lens supports auto-focus, auto-exposure, or other data processing.

I hope this helps. I may be totally wrong with regard to the Fuji lenses but I don't think so.

Good luck and show us some great shots.

Cal Rasmussen
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Cal, I think you're right. The "lenses" that bj is talking about aren't stand-alone lenses, but rather add-ons which fit onto the filter threads in the front of the camera (the same way that polarizers or other filters fit on). They look something like this:


The number reading here (55mm vs. 52mm) is the DIAMETER of the screw on lens or filter.

Steve's review:


says that the camera has an optional 55mm lens/filter adapter. That means a 55mm add-on lens or filter should work on the camera-- a 52 mm would be too small and, according to the stats here, wouldn't fit on the front of your lens.

HOWEVER, take heart: if you purchase the add-ons, and they don't fit, you can buy "step down" or "step up" rings. These arebasically just pieces of metal with two threadsto adapt one filter size fora different lens thread size. (If you're buying a cheap add-on, they might be throwing these in--- that's how a generic company can make one size of things for a bunch of different cameras).

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Thanks for the input. I'll get the hang of all this stuff yet! BJ
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Check out the Olympus TCON-17 teleconverter and WCON-07 wide angle converter. They have 55mm threads and should work well on your Fuji. Stay away from Digital Optics, Crystal Optics, or just about any lens using the word "titanium" in its description.
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perdendosi wrote:
... you can buy "step down" or "step up" rings. ...
Watch out for "step down" rings: they are likely to result in vigneting (dark corners) because they block part of the light to the lens. Would be OK if the intent is to crop out part of the photo.
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I own the Fuji s7000 and can answer this question with certainty.


Due to the 'telescopic' nature of the factory lense an adapter is necessary to use auxilliary lenses. the adapter screws into the camera body and the 55mm threads of the auxilliary lens screw into the adapter. (the filter thread size of body side of the adapter is also 55mm but this is academic as this piece must be a fuji part or you risk MAJOR lense damage as the camera's built in lens must be free to move in and out INSIDE the adapter.


The fuji set up for tele is about $175 but Olympus has a 1.7x T-Con with a 55mm filter thread size which works perfectly!(you must still get the adapter from fuji)!

The adapter has one male55mm (goes into camera body)and one female 55mm (accepts auxilliary lens) filter thread and is 1.5" long 'face to face'.

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I use a Raynox RT5255 adaptor on my S7000, this allows me to use 52mm lens accessories. The adaptor only cost $19.95, is made from aluminum, has a very high quality black finish and fits perfectly. I use it with a UV filter all of the time, mainly to protect the lens extension mechanism from damage and dust. There is a large selection of WA and tele adaptors in the 52mm mount, I don't know if they are up to the Fuji quality, I'd check out some reviews first. I also use a Cokin filter system with a 52mm ring.

Hope that helps,

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