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I have a Sony Clie PEG-NX80V which is a PDA with camera and video features. Sometimes I get lines running across the screen (and yes these same lines are in the resulting photos/videos). The lines may go away after a few minutes or not at all. Recently the screen was just black as were the resulting photos.

Sony offers no help for this issue, so I was just wondering if anyone out there could offer some ideas. I'm open to theories if a definitive answer is not available
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Theories, huh?

Bad or failing CCD or CMOS main sensor, bad or failing Analogue to Digital Converter, bad or failing component in supporting chipset, bad voltage regulator, defective battery, loose connection, bad solder joint.

Even operating temperature can come into the equation, and electronic interferance from other devices can cause odd problems (including lines like you're describing in images) if shielding isn't good enough.

The amount of light available can also cause problems (because the camera is probably amplfifying the output of both the main sensor and the signal driving your display as light gets lower, causing additional noise in the images. It may be slowing down the refresh rate of your display so that it's not too dark to see in some conditions, too.

A number of things might be the cause. Sony can probably run some diagnostics that may be able to identify a failing component if you want to send it in for service (or they may not find the problem if they can't reproduce it at the service bench).

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