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Default linking from zenfolio


I'm trying to help someone out. they host their photos in zenfolio and want to post the photos in forums like Steve's. When they click on the "share" button, they get a link like this in the "photo" url:

The problem is - if you try to use that link for posting the image you get nothing. And when you load the URL directly into a browser you see not a single photo but a page. Do they have something configured incorrectly?
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First, they need to be logged in. Also they need to be linking to one of their own photos.

Then, when you bring up the photo and choose "share", you'll be offered a number of choices - the first 3 are for gallery, slideshow and photo. Ignore all of those and look below that - it's under "direct links to images". Depending on the size of the original you can see a variety of sizes (they are identified by pixels per side). I usually use the one that has the longest length equal to 800, but since I usually upload files around 1200 pixels, I'll have up to 10 choices of sizes. All these choices will end with .jpg and that will give you the link to use to embed a photo. The very bottom choice is for the full sized file (whatever it might be). As you found out, using the link for "photo" brings you to zenfolio's page with that photo selected (I'll use that when I've added a series of photos to an album and want someone to start at the first new photo when viewing the album).

If you aren't logged in or if the photo isn't yours, you'll only see choices for gallery, slideshow and photo and won't be able to link to it.

I'm not using a computer that I can make a screen-shot, but to give you an example from one of my albums:

The link under "photo" for this picture is: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/p827894707/e1d9287cc and if you click on it you'll get the page with that picture in the album.

If you want to see the picture by itself at 774 x 850 you can click on this link (note the difference with the link above): http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/s3/v40/p496142284-5.jpg . Finally, if I use the same link with the appropriate tags you get the picture linked:

I suppose that's a lot more than you really wanted to know, but figured I'd be as complete with my explanation.

P.S. I really like your friend's picture!
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perfect. Thanks!
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Here's a link to their help page about it. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a screen capture showing a sample of extra links available when logged in:


For embedding in a forum post, it will need to be a direct link ending with the extension for a valid image type (.jpeg, jpg, .png, etc.). The other links you see before those are just links to a page with an image on it, not a link to the actual image.

Most forums use BBCode. So, just post a link to an image in a forum post (one ending with the extension for a valid image type like .jpg). Then, put [img] in front of the link, and [/img] after the link so it will appear in a post. See that kind of code in the first example on this page:

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