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Default Long exposures

I have an Olympus E-520 and have been wanting to try long exposures. I have found the bulb setting and the bulb timer that I set for 4 minutes. When I press the shutter release the shutter opens fine but closes again when I take my finger off the button. My camera class seem to think that it is necessary to keep a finger on the button. There wouldn't be any point in having a timer function if that is the case. So, how do I get the shutter to remain open for the selected time?
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Bulb exposure, AFAIK, requires that you hold the shutter release, and the shutter will close when you let go. I have seen some electronic releases with timer functions which can be used in conjunction with bulb mode, but haven't used a camera with that built in.
Maybe the timer is just to close the shutter in case you fall asleep at the switch.

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Brian is right - the shutter stays open while you have the shutter release button held down. Originally as long as you kept the bulb squeezed to keep air pressure on the other end of a long tube high enough to keep a small rod extended.

If you are going to do long exposures, you will want a remote shutter release to avoid shaking the camera by pushing the shutter release. If you don't have one, put one finger on the shutter release and your thumb on the opposite side of the camera. Then squeezing instead of pushing will move the camera less.

You could try out image stacker (http://www.tawbaware.com/imgstack.htm) to see if that does what you want.
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Here is an external shutter release - its manual, so you need to keep the button depressed to keep the shutter open. Take a close look at the button and you can see that you can slide it forward while depressed, for longer duration images.
There is also another one that offers more functionality, where by you can set the duration of the exposure - for example 1 minute 32 seconds all the way up to 99 hours. You can also set multiple exposures and the interval between exposures...
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