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Default Looking for backrounds for product photography

I take pictures of collectibles. Often times they are pins and I'm all set with a copystand, but sometimes they range from a helmet, to a sword, to a uniform... I used to use backgrounds from walmart -- but they're not quality and the white is actually offwhite and the black is 2 or 3 shades lighter than true black (this stuff isn't marketed or made for photography).

Right now I have a nice heavy duty desk, 4 foot wide, that goes down to 3.5 feet and up to 5.5 feet. So I was contemplating something like this to use with it:

I also just heard of photo shooting table, like this:

I suppose the clamps are to install other color backgrounds??? What are the upsides and downsides of either setup? Which is more appropriate for me? And when I get backgrounds, muslin is the standard for this type of thing?

I have used phototents in the past but I don't like them. Too constrictive. I use continuous lighting and have enough of either to make the setups work. Thanks for any advice.

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No opinions whether I should go with rolls of paper or muslin or use one of the fancy curved tables? Or just few ebay photographers here? (Which I can fully understand, not a terribly exciting niche...) It's just that I bought enough junk that didn't help at all... and money being what it is, an educated opinion beforehand would be nice.
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I haven't done any of this kind of shooting, so am not in a position to advise you, except in a very general way. Do you have file size restrictions on the photos you upload? If so, a textured background is going to have more detail, and a larger file size than a flat b/g, so the detail in the piece you are showing is going to be relatively lower. Paper would probably be better in this respect.
If the b/g colors are interfering with you getting good exposure or WB, you could (and probably should, for accurate color) use a gray card to set both.

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For the times I have done ebay stuff, I used the paper from the end rolls our newspaper gives away. Sure, it's off white, but after you brighten the highlights in Picasa it is close enough to pure white and has enough quality for website viewing. Plus it was free. I would also reccomend you get some dark fabric or paper or something for the white, low contrast stuff.
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Are you still seeking advice on this subject? If so, I may be able to offer a solution.
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