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hi all,

i bought a nikon d50 yesterday, (d70s was slightly too much and its my first slr anyway).

im really interested in macro and landscape photography. i have the kit with the 18-55mm lens, but can anyone suggest a good macro lens and/or accessories? and a resonably priced one too?

are nikon lens the best or other manufacturers such as tamron and sigma good too? also are macro extension(?) tubes any good and what about the lens that say they do macro and normal photography?

any help would be greatly appreciated im going on holiday on saturday!

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I have and like a Sigma 50mm Macro lens. It is cheaper than the Nikon 60mm macro and I think as good or nearly.

Just as Nikon make some cheap lenses that aren't as good as their top of the line lenses so Sigma and Tokina have a top end range as well as their budget lenses. With Sigma it's the EX range. The Sigma 50mm macro is one of these top end lenses.

A dedicated macro lens is usually the best solution and this 50mm lens the sigma 105mmand the 60mm and105mmNikon macro lenses all focus to infinity so allow normal photography as well.

Zoom lenses that also have a macro setting are not usually capable of true 1:1 lifesize macro but work well within their limitations.

Extension tubes work well but they only work on manual and you lose all metering and autofocus.

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