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Ok thanks, so the Helios one would be used more for macro shots?
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you can but it is not a true macro lens at 1:1. But works for hand held close up shots. But it does take a bit more work to get the focus correct. And if your vision is not perfect. It make low light focusing a bit more difficult. But it can be fun and inexpensive. I rather have a true 1:1 macro lens for macro shooting.
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The Helios-44 isn't made for REALLY close shots. It's close-focus distance is about 1.5 ft / 0.5m, which is more than twice as far as a DA18-55 kit lens. It COULD be put on macro tubes, of course. But as shoturtle says, it is best for handheld shots, especially in low light. And yes, in low light, focusing on near objects can be tricky. So I almost always use the Helios with trap-focus aka Catch-In-Focus, so the shutter automatically snaps when the subject comes into focus. Think of it as cheap autofocus.

What sets the Helios-44 apart is that it is cheap, widely available, and has good fast optics. The Helios and other of the manual Nifty Fifty's, like various 50/2's and 55/2's, are the least expensive way to shoot classical portraits or in low light. A similar autofocus (AF) lens might cost ten times as much. So, I have a very few AF lenses, and rather than buy another, I'd rather have ten more manual lenses! And thus I get myself into trouble...

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